Royston Parish Church

Eco Church


In Spring 2022, Royston Parish Church was awarded “Eco Church Bronze award” from the A Rocha UK Eco Church award scheme.  This promotes ways of caring for God’s earth in various ways (Worship & Teaching, Management of Buildings & Land, Community & Global Engagement and Lifestyle).  Their resources gave us lots of ideas of more things that we could be doing, such as setting aside a wildlife area in our churchyard, praying regularly for the planet and adopting fair traded beverages.

We have recently held a “Design a Bug Church” competition for young people and have built a wildlife stack in the churchyard based on the winning design from Laura.  Watch this space for pictures of the opening ceremony!


Royston Parish Church formed an Eco Church Group in 2020 with the following aims:

  1. We have passed a resolution for our parish church to achieve net zero by 2030. This is a daunting commitment to make as, right now, we cannot be sure how we will do this, but if we are to achieve it, we need to resolve to make this a priority.
  2. We have signed up to the A Rocha Eco Church and Carbon 360 schemes – these will give us practical tips and help us log the data we need to baseline our carbon footprint and measure our progress towards net zero. 
  3. We have formed a “Net Zero/Eco-church team” for Royston Church with the following remit:
  4. To play our part in supporting the Church of England’s objective to be carbon neutral by 2030.
  5. To support the Diocese of St Albans in its Eco Church project.
  6. To reduce the carbon footprint of St John the Baptist Royston, working to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.
  7. To encourage bio-diversity.
  8. To encourage ecological and environmental awareness amongst the congregation and wider community of Royston.
  9. To ensure that St John the Baptist follows a policy of fair trade and to encourage fair trade amongst the congregation and the wider community of Royston.