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Below is a list of clergy and staff contact details are shown below. Please avoid contacting staff on their day off.


Church Office: Closed until further notice please email

St. John the Baptist Church, Melbourn St, Royston. SG8 9LG

The administrator works Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 9am to 1pm


Revd. Heidi Huntley, 01763 243145, Rest day – Friday
Revd. John Fidler, 01763 241886  Rest day Saturday



Reg Bailey,  01763 250637,

Church Adminstrator
Joanne Wallis,

07935 774633

The adminstrator works Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 9am to 1pm 


Church Wardens

Clare Davies, 01763 248787

Linda Dwight (contact via admin 07935 774633)

Magazine – please email any comments, articles, interesting information, photos, etc. for the magazine to the email address below and we’ll try to include it.

The Editor,

Website Rob Fox ,

Royston Parish Church
Melbourn Street