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Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship is being held at Royston Town Hall at 10am


Further information about the service:

We are holding one service on Sundays at 10am in the Heritage Hall (the large hall on the ground floor). Unfortunately, our numbers are limited to 30 people and we are running an booking system via email.  Booking Information

There will be one door used as an entrance and one for the exit and these will be clearly marked. We will ask you to use hand sanitizer as you enter and leave, and masks are mandatory inside the building. Those of us who are leading are permitted to remove our masks during the service to enable people to lip-read as necessary.  

A sidesperson will be at the door to take your name, telephone number and postcode in case we learn of someone who’s attended having contracted COVID-19 symptoms. These details will be stored for 21 days and then safely destroyed.

We will be producing a single-use order of service and we will be asking you to take this away to dispose of in your own home. We are not permitted to leave any leaflets at the back of the hall as we have done in the past, and we politely ask you not to leave post or any other items for people who haven’t attended.

There will be clear signage indicating where people can safely sit to maintain social distancing; it may mean we have to be a little brave and change where we usually sit, but the main thing is we will be back together worshipping God and I believe that will be worth the sacrifice.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide a creche during the service, but we naturally welcome families, as always, and ask that you bring your own toys so your children are happy. The Children’s Church Team will be providing activity kits which our younger members will hopefully enjoy.

As we’re entering a period pf transition, this new service will be a service of the Word (not a Eucharist) so we can just enjoy being back together again without the extra concern of how we safely administer Communion. If, after a few weeks we feel more confident we will consider re-introducing Holy Communion again.

Singing is allowed, but only by a small, socially-distanced choir; however, initially we’re just going to have some music played on the piano before and after the service. Louise Atkins is then hoping to arrange enough singers to provide us with two hymns. Sadly, the congregation will not be able to join-in, but it will be a real treat to listen to hymns being sung for us after such a long break.

Sadly, we won’t be able to offer coffee and tea, and in the nicest possible way we will encourage people to leave the building as soon as possible after the service. This is partly because we have to clean the hall following the service, and because we should be minimising the length of time any of us are spending in a public building. However, I do hope you’ll want to continue your conversations in your bubbles after the service either face to face or through our virtual coffee-time at 11am!  

We’re well aware that many of you won’t be able to return to public worship yet or may feel too nervous to do so and please don’t worry about that.  We are live streaming the service each week. Online Service


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