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Mission Action Plan

St. John the Baptist Church Vision for our 5 year plan:
'To be where God has led us.'

The areas of Priorities are as follows:
1. Church Facilities
2. Children's Work
3. Enriching Spirituality

The aims within these priorities are as follows:
1. Church Facilities
a. We would expect 'the option to purchase' the land for the Hall to be completed by January 2014. -6 months.
Depending on option a) the following aims would follow:
b. If the 'the option to purchase' has been forthcoming by January 2014, then by June 2014 we will have applied for Planning Permission and Grants.
c. If the 'the option to purchase' has not been forthcoming by January 2014, we will revisit the plans for the Hall.

2. Children's Work
a. Increase our support for the sterling work of BRAVE in 1 year, by improving congregation awareness with a sermon slot to inform by using the magazine to invite personal contributions on a regular basis.
b. Aim to have Kid's in Church Sunday School every week - 1 year, by getting volunteers to lead/assist. This to be mentioned in sermons, notice sheets and by approaching members of the congregation.

3. Enriching Spirituality
a. Raising House Group awareness - 1 year.
With sermons, and open social meetings to highlight the purpose of house groups. Aim to have 3 separate sessions for this.
b. Introduce different types of prayer meeting eg. Julian Prayer Meeting - 6 months and Seven Offices for the Christmas period 2013 - 6 months.
c. Revamp the Lent Programme with Churches Together for Lent 2014-6 months
d. The possibility of Quiet Days, Retreats, or Family days - 2 years. Canvas opinion and desire for the type of activity and revisit in 9 months. To be mentioned in sermons and through various groups eg. House groups, Mother's Union etc. Worth considering taking part in a Deanery one first?

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