Parish Church of St john the Baptist

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Building for the Future


The outline plans are now available

Download a booklet here


What next?
The DAC and Historic England will meet in the church again to give advice.
Drawings will be completed by the architects
We will submit a formal proposal to the DAC for approval.

Will it all be done at the same time?
No. The project can be divided into achievable sections. Probably starting with the doors and the West End

What is the possible cost of the project?
The building costs will be in the region of £300,000 

 What about Challenge?
The original Challenge fund-raising effort is still very much alive!
We have settled all the legal and architect bills from the previous hall scheme.
All the remaining Challenge money of around £50,000 will be committed to the new project.
We will need to continue to raise funds for the project – working through the Challenge Fundraising Committee.


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