Return to Eucharistic Services in November


13th October 2020


Dear friends,

From the beginning of November, we are hoping to return to Eucharistic services on Sunday mornings. Naturally, all of the precautions we are taking against the spread of covid-19 will continue, and we will ensure we do all we can to administer Holy Communion as safely as possible.

As the person presiding over the service, I have to take bread and wine, so it is my intention to use one small chalice and paten (cup and plate) for myself. Unfortunately, the congregation can only receive bread at this time, but as I have said before, in receiving Communion in one kind, we have received our Lord Jesus Christ fully. The congregation’s bread will be in a separate chalice which will be covered during the first half of the service and throughout the Eucharistic Prayer. After I have received Communion, I will replace my mask, clean my hands using anti-bacterial gel and put on a pair of gloves. I will then elevate one of the wafers and say to everyone, “The body of Christ keep you in eternal life”, at which point everyone (whilst still wearing their masks) will hopefully respond, “Amen”.  


I will then come round to everyone while you are sitting down and place a wafer in your hands without touching them – I will need you to cup your hands together, rather than laying your hands out flatly to prevent the bread from being dropped onto the floor. I will not speak at this time having already spoken the usual words for the distribution of Communion at the altar. I would respectfully ask that you also do not speak as you receive Communion, but simply remove your mask to receive the bread, and then replace it as soon as possible. 


If people do not wish to receive Communion for whatever reason, please leave your hands on your lap – by attending the service you are receiving a spiritual communion, and if you prefer to receive a blessing, I will be able to do that without making any physical contact. Whilst our online congregation sadly won’t be able to participate physically in Holy Communion, I pray you too will feel blessed by being part of a spiritual connection with the Body of Christ.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Every blessing, Heidi.